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new language…

In CUBES OF LIFE :) on October 10, 2011 at 16:41

from past few months, I’ve been trying to pick up a new language “Cantonese“. though its tough, but its fun! the reason being, even when I pronounce the words wrong and make a complete mess, I have friends and colleagues laughing at me but then trying to correct me the same….i sometimes am embarrassed, but am enjoying being a student of something new……phew 😉

Simple but sweet smelling :)

In FUN CRAFTS :) on October 22, 2010 at 07:16

A good fragarence or a nice aroma in the atmosphere around works wonders 🙂

can do a mood lifting , some cheering or can even lead to a good foody trip 🙂

but recently i tried something  with a good fragarence for my cupboard and drawers.

i made these satchels filled with lavender and rose petals and they smell really good and look cute as well 🙂

all we need is , some cloth   ( depending upon the size anything from 10 cms to 16 cms should do , the cloth print etc. can be your choice…i made of cotton cloth with dainty flower prints on it  ) …

some dried lavender , rose petals or any other herb you want to use , needle , thread and a small piece of paper.

cut identical squares and stitch them , keep in mind to cut the squares with 1 cm extra so that while sewing the squares are maintained and also the stitching is proper.

then dont sew them completely , keep just abt 1-1.5 cms space unstitched and now fill them with some lavender and rose petals and use the little piece of paper ( make it into a small funnel); it helps in proper filling and making the satchels even.

now sew the remaining part and if you want to , you can decorate them extra with ribbons , buttons etc.

they also make a good gift and also act as the cushions to be kept beneath the table legs on the carpet 🙂


In CUBES OF LIFE :) on October 22, 2010 at 04:58

My everyday travel mostly happens with the underground trains and many -a – times , I find elderly people being offered place to sit by others who are already seated ;  I personally find it a ” smile factor ” and guess , life always comes up with a chance to stand for some one and feel good about it 🙂